Chief Civil Deputy Sharon Bryce


The purpose of the Civil Division of the Webster Parish Sheriff's Department is to serve the public and the employees of the agency with comprehensive, courteous and prompt service in accordance with all legal requirements while maintaining ethical standards.



Finance Division

  • Maintain and control general accounting funds of the Sheriff's Office
  • Budgeting of $15.7 million annually
  • Preparation for and handling of annual audit
  • Manage payroll and employee benefits for 156 full and part time employees
  • Obtain and manage health, general auto and professional liability policies
  • Public bid law procurement
  • Sales of assets at public auctions


Tax Collection

  • Collection/disbursement of more than $19.6 million of property tax payments
  • Advertise and hold annual property tax sale
  • Process property redemption
    • Seizures of foreclosed properties
    • Conduct Sheriff's Sales


Civil Processing

  • Garnishments
  • Property attachments
  • Sequestrations
  • Writs of possession
  • Document civil and criminal subpoenas


Bonds & Fines

  • Collection/disbursement of more than $900,000 in traffic/criminal fines
  • Retrieval of bond money from correctional center
  • Refund of bond money when cases are settled
  • Attendance of court cases and documentation of bond information
  • Entering of warrants when offenders fail to pay or appear in court
  • Provision of affidavits for reinstatement of drivers licenses

* Figures as of 2009