BDCC Regulations

As of February 2011


A.  Inmates will be allowed visitation once a month at Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center.  The visiting day depends on the dorm in which the inmate is housed.  Each inmate will be allowed a one-hour visit per month.  Visitation begins at 11:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m.  Visitors must be present by 2:30 p.m.; but visitation will end at 3:00 p.m.

B.  Each inmate, upon admittance, will be given the opportunity to fill out a visitation list.

C.  When an inmate is received, information regarding visiting procedures will be made available to them within 72 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

D. Inmates may adjust their visitation list quarterly.  If there are no changes to be made, do not submit a new visitation list.

E. You and your visitor must be eligible for visiting.  You must provide the visitor's name, complete address, and the relationship of the visitor to you on the visitation list.  If you or your visitor fail to provide all required information, the visitor will not be placed on your visitation list and will not be allowed to visit.

F.  Visitors will abide by posted visitation rules.  Non-compliance with these rules will result in the removal of that person from future visitation.

G.  Visitors attempting to bring contraband into the facility, violate any State or Parish Laws are subject to arrest and/or will be banned from future visitation.

H.  Any person convicted of a felony, and who has not been formally discharged from probation or parole supervision more than one year without an intervening criminal record will be denied approval to visit.  In addition, anyone who in the previous five years has had three or more felony charges (regardless of disposition) will be denied approval to visit, or approved visiting should be revoked.

EXCEPTION:  The above restriction may not apply if the visitor is an identifiable parent, legal spouse, sibling, grandparent or child of the inmate.  But the Warden must approve such visitation.

I.  Visits with legal advisors and one approved religious advisor can be made at any reasonable hour or day.  It would be beneficial to have prior arrangements made to avoid these visitors having to wait.

J.  It is the inmate's responsibility to inform their visitors of the rules and requirements for visiting.  Keep in mind, space is limited for visiting.  Visiting will be on a first-come basis.

K.  An ex-employee of the Sheriff's Office may be denied approval to visit if such denial is deemed by the Warden to be in the best interest of the facility.

L. Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center is located on Federal Property.  Each inmate will inform their visitor that they are only allowed to travel on McAuthur Drive to Bravo Boulevard to get the correctional center.  All other areas of the property is off limits to visitors. 


A.  Visitation for the inmate is a privilege and can help the inmate adjust to confinement and keep them in touch with family and friends.  Violation of visitation rules can cause you to be removed from the inmates visitation list and can cause loss of visitation privileges for the inmate.

B.  Each inmate housed at the correctional center is allowed six visitors on his visitation list.  Of those six, two may visit at his scheduled visiting time.  Children DO count as a visitor.  The inmate has the option of which 2 will visit and the responsibility of notifying his visitors when to visit.  Inmates may charge their visitation list quarterly, if they so desire.  Visitation is not allowed at the Webster Parish Jail for security purposes.

C.  No knives, weapons, purses, cell phones, cameras, tobacco products, overly large coats, diapers, or diaper bags are allowed.  Small pocket wallets, house keys, or car keys are allowed.  Large handbags are prohibited.  When bringing babies to visit, only one diaper and one bottle are allowed.  No baby carriers or strollers are allowed.

D.  Visitors will be required to sign in at the time of the visit.  The visitor must be present a picture identification card in order to visit, unless under the age of 13.  Visitors over the age of 13 but under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent guardian.

E.  Visitors under the influence of alcohol or chemicals will not be allowed to visit and will be subject to arrest.

F.  Visitors will be in the proper attire; no short shorts, bikini tops, or other revealing clothing will be permitted.  Dresses or shorts must be to the knees or below.  No body or muscle shirts or spandex clothing will be allowed.  Intentionally exposing body parts that could disrupt normal visitation is prohibited.  Visitors in violation will be removed from the visitor list.

G.  Visitors will not leave small children unattended and will remain in control of children at all times.

H.  Visitors are not allowed to smoke, or use tobacco products while inside any buildings of the Correctional Facilities.

I.  Visiting will be limited to the time limits set forth for each housing unit unless waived by the Warden.

J.  Visitors are not allowed to visit any other inmate during visitation with a specific inmate. 


A.  Inmates having funds in their commissary account and not on restriction may place orders from the commissary on scheduled ordering days.


The following are considered UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS for delivery to inmates at BDCC:

  • Cash or checks (MONEY ORDERS ONLY for deposit into Inmate Commissary)
  • Polaroid pictures
  • Tobacco products
  • Postal stamps, packages, phone cards, stamped envelopes, stickers, or newspaper clippings
  • Cardboard or plastic bubble wrap
  • Photos containing nudity, alcohol, drugs, sexual or gang-related content (this includes photographs of persons in swimsuits, lingerie, etc.)
  • Materials of a sexually harassing nature
  • Plastic, wood or metal - No items made from or with these materials
  • Oversized or handmade glue-layered cards
  • Jewelry (handmade, store-purchases or otherwise)
  • Food items
  • Printed Internet material
  • Magazines or books
  • Excessive mail
  • Letters of inappropriate content

*  Each piece of mail sent MUST have a return address on the envelope/package.